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  27. A questo punto Lui deve almeno mettere nero su bianco una storiella!! ;)ps: ho letto solo ora i commenti al post di ieri, ho letto anche le tue risposte e hai anche avuto troppa pazienza nel stare lì a spiegare. Non ti devi giustificare di niente, anzi, a molte (visto che siamo per lo più signorine) piace che il blog prenda delle pieghe verso la moda, poi verso la mondanità, poi torni verso la Porpi, poi le vacanze, poi le paranoie, i libri.. Siamo esseri umani!

  28. Sarah Palin is not qualified to be POTUS. Not once but twice. I guess he's PO about her endorsing Crazy Dr. Paul.Sorry Trey, but she is qualified under the US Constitution, Article II, Section 1So I figure someone who wants to be a US Senator should have read the Constitution at least once in their life.I'll vote for Crazy Paul the Younger in the primary and see what happens in November.Gerry

  29. I imagine that the MSM will be conflicted about the Norwegian Shooter because he has demonstrated just how vulnerable the liberal elite are.Indeed, the MSM, who creamed their jeans over this fine example of an evil, blond, blue-eyed Nordic terrorist that they failed to realize that they were telling everyone out there that he managed to cause a lot of damage to the liberal elite.Where do they go from here? Drop it all in a deep hole?

  30. Hmm…I agree with you on 2 and 3; but I disagree on 1. I think that once a fair punishment has been given to a person and s/he has been rehabilitated after serving the sentance, the person deserves a second chance.I don’t hold the same opinion for someone like Azharuddin, because a fair punishment was never given to him in the first place…

  31. The U.S. looks very little like a totalitarian state intervening in the areas you describe. Just because there is redistribution of wealth doesn’t mean its totalitarian. The nanny is necessary because the market is too unstable without government intervention. This has been seen time and time again. For a modern example, deregulation of the banks rocked the entire world market and played a huge role in our economic recession/depression in some places.

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  34. I love the spots on the giraffe, what wonderful colours and fabrics. What a lucky niece! I went for a cosy backing to the pne I made for my niece and she uses it as a mt for rolling on too: )

  35. I noticed that there are a lot of vegetarian places in Taiwan. My mom use the cornstarch + water method too, and it gets nice and crispy bottom. I'm too lazy so I usually skip that. I love the color on the wrappers. It's much cuter than regular one!

  36. For your info: a Dutch friend of mine is involved in the development of a two seater flying car in the Netherlands and the endeavour is already past the flying test stage. They did of course have to cope with strict quality regulations but not project stifling ones even in social justice/entitlement-paradise/regulations haven Holland.

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  40. AnonymousJanuary 3, 2006 at 1:45 pmThe defenders that they were cygan and campbell, but because cygan is left footed sol had to move across to his unfavoured right centre back slot. This meant that there were really two, rather than the one change when kolo got suspended for ‘elbowing’ shearer the cunt. I think it will be different this time, and with gilberto due a good performance and the whole team up for it, we can win. This is on the presumption that rooney doesnt destroy our back four.

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  45. I agree with the statement presented.. This is a violation of everyones rights. People still really dont look at these crimes in the same way as other kind of crimes. Yet, we are all learning that this kind of violation is life changing to the victims.Forrest Iwaszewski

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  51. We are commanded to “love our neighbors”.Letting them be subject to a greater evil because of some altruistic utopian pipe dream, is not very loving, but reveals pride and a self-righteous streak.That’s the truth of it.

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  54. Angie Willis What a fascinating piece of itafrmonion Kat. It’s always interesting to learn about different cultures. I wonder if that sense of place ever existed in England to the same extent it has always been such an outlooking country, maybe due to the fact that it’s a small island that wanted to be larger!

  55. oh wait – I forgot squirrels. Creepy little rodents with bushy tails that make eerie chattering noises. How could Disney think they were cuties that frolicked with princesses? Ugh?

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  59. J’aiiiime ta bannière mais j’aiiime pas la Ségo..et moi non plus je ne revendique aucune appartenance, je ne suis pas journaliste ..mais bon je l’aime pa, j’y peux rien

  60. An encyclopedia, and a Wikipedia especially, represents the work of many editors – a consensus view. From your previous writings it seems that the consensus view is rubbish.One keeps anonymous because then it is obvious when you are attacking the poster rather than the poster’s argument.

  61. I’m 32 and I have no idea who that guy is, but while he comes off as a total a-hole, I like that he doesn’t sugar-coat things. My Grandfather was like that. There’s a difference between being honest, and just being a dick.

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  75. dani comentou em 7 de julho de 2012 às 03:15. jana, acho que a intenção do texto é boa, no entanto ele é extremamente preconceituoso.uma “normal girl”, ou uma garota normal, precisa mesmo ser desinformada? precisa mesmo não ter dinheiro?

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  77. anónimo 11:01Realmente este blog só existe há 3 anos e meio e, não, neste país não se começou a roubar só agora, mas que aprefeiçoaram o sistema disso não há dúvidas. Quanto aos "comunas" considero interessante o veneno como alguns falam deles como se fossem os culpados de todos os males do mundo mesmo quando os assuntos pouco tenham a ver uns com os outros. Será algum ressentimento de culpa?

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  84. It’s been over 90 days since the election. Of course Sarah Palin lifted the grace period for her daughter to break up with bastard’s daddy. Long enough to blunt media coverage and not hurt Sarah’s bid for the 2012 ticket (she’ll lose out to Neil Bush anyway.)

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  93. Ciao GB,Interesting story. I wonder if the troops actually left the battlefield and headed home after that “spa demonstration.”Pardon me for nitpicking, and correct me if I’m wrong, but the word “tosa,” in several northern Italian dialects, means “girl.” The “shaving” part is clear to see in the sculpture, but is not in the name of the stone; therefore, the correct title should be the Girl Gate or Gate of the (shaving) Girl.Just my two (euro) cents.Tom

  94. Mikhail Dworkin Fassbinder says:November 8, 2012 at 9:19 amIt is obvious you guys in the ANC are going to turn the dissolution of the New South Africa into a mess. First you renounce the juristic entity called the Rechtsstaat the Republic of South Africa. Then you deny that there is a partnership or that we should divide the surplus according to our respective contributions.To me the matter is obvious, but, might I suggest that since this is the ANC we are talking about, we get Rael Levitt to auction off the New South Africa and divide the surplus?

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  100. That is the gayest fucking thing I’ve ever heard in my entire life, plus this was the greatest part of the movie, plus the point of this scene was for a NONVIOLENT PROTEST, all they did was throw smoke bombs it’s not like they brought AK47′s and shot up the place, people need to grow a pair.

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