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  33. Nice blog posts Cezar. I even took a moment to read Scott Young’s blog that you mentioned and I believe trying one thing at a time could be a good way to go… I constantly have a hundred and one things on my ‘should-do’ list! Thanks for the donation for my Dryathlon too – wine is usually my vice, so this should really help for the 30-day paleo challenge!Shelley

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  35. Agree with your view on Photoshopping or not. Of course pictures can be corrected/improved. But in this case it looks more like cloning.The result is that the image does not ‘speak’ anymore, it’s just another image like all the others. It doesn’t catch my eye, it doesn’t engage me.As for creativity, of course we must all be creative, especially in advertising. But we need to take it a step further then this ‘ok’ campaign.

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  39. Excellent ce partage car c’est vrai que la photo à la TV ce n’est pas courant (dommage car avec le numérique je pense qu’il y a un vrai créneau). Dans tous les cas merci et (encore une fois …) c’est grâce à Pastelle que je me retrouve sur ce trésor de blog chargé de bonnes et intéressantes choses à dévorer.

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  44. avi, there was a study conducted a few years ago which concluded that the greater number of hours of TV news watched directly correlated to greater ignorance of verifiable facts. or something to that effect. the ‘idiot box’ is an accurate description.

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  49. The british left a larger influence than Rome? This is absolutely wrong. The Brits strived to be Rome and without the Roman empire the British empire wouldn’t have existed.

  50. This is superb, even by the Sultan's standards – I wish we could make every person who ever talks about the Middle East read this out loud. Absolutely hysterical. LOVE IT!

  51. hej lisette:) det är roligt att ha dig som lärare<3 vad roligt att du har skaffat en blogg jag ska be mamma titta in den så fort hon kommer hem! ha det så bra./mvh charlotte:)<3

  52. Oh my, I will miss you all so much…my mornings and days will be so stale without the pics, your comments and wonderful stories, but overall, all the sharing of our admiration for Rob, his career, and his awesome handsomeness and cuteness…did I say hotness??? I will miss you kinkers and bloggers!!!

  53. Schau mal bei meinem Blog vorbei – ich habe eine ziemlich ausführliche Liste erstellt, wo man denn OPIs, Zoya, etc etwas günstiger erstehen kann – und mein Nagellackfanatismus hat mich auch schon dazu getrieben, fast überall zu bestellen Gute Auswahl an Lacken, bin schon gespannt, wie My Private Jet bei dir aussieht – wohl einer der “umstrittensten” Nagellacke von OPI!!

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  55. Wow, this is totally amazing! I can't imagine being a kid and seeing it, my head would explode from all the goodness. Love the looks of the big top room, giant stuffed animals and doll houses were my absolute favorite growing up!

  56. Saddened to hear of the recent losses in your life dear Brian and my heart is with the families of the young students.You are an inspiration to us all Brian and I thank you for your part in this excellent community.Love Anna ]

  57. Totally agree! And yup, Don’t Tell Mama’s looked nice – it was just over the road from where we were staying. There is now basically no development further along the beach for another two kilometres at least, so these places are even quieter and more chilled out than elsewhere on Otres. So awesome. 

  58. Hi Olga and Valerie!I find that Facebook keeps me more connected to “real life” people though there is definitely some crossover for me now that I’ve been blogging for two years and been on Twitter for closer to three. One thing I can tell you FOR SURE: I would NOT link your Twitter and Facebook accounts. I know it seems like a time saver, but status updates and tweets do not always translate well on the incorrect site. That’s my opinion at least!

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  63. “Guilty, just out of interest, why haven’t you answered my question of June 14, 2011 at 3:35 pm”Done.Now please stop hijacking threads with your ridiculous cut and paste jobs. It’s the worst kind of trolling.

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  66. My hubby and I have just moved to our first home on 2.5 acres in rural Australia and coming from Melbourne I'm trying to work out how to pimp up my farm wardrobe so I feel glam while being practical….but judging from all the comments it appears that unless I work out how to make a flannel into a funky dress and bead up the overcoat, it appears there's no hope at all 🙂

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  68. Aun no lo sufiente… supongo que el viernes y el sabado no podré dormir, pero de momento estoy demasiado ocupado como para ponerme nervioso!!!!Solo quedan 4 días!!!!!!!!!

  69. Vous voulez dire que le régime syrien et ses hommes seraient des mercenaires capables de vendre leur chef et leur pays pour une poignée de Dirhams ?

  70. Reagindo, igualmente, à entrevista, a rainha de Inglaterra terá afirmado, por sua vez, "não estar interessada em ser procuradora-geral, dado tratar-se de uma república (das bananas…, segundo a fonte)".Rui Silva

  71. will dit :Mélenchon dénonce les magouilles socialistes mais personne n'a oublié qu'il a été ministre UMPS… E tout le monde sait trés bien aussi qu'au second tour il appelera à voter Hollande pour espérer décrocher un nouveau ministère !Alors faut arrêter le cinéma et qu'il évite de chasser sur les terres de Marine Le Pen en se présentant comme le Monsieur Propre qu'il n'est pas.

  72. Jen, Sidney was originally a man’s name, it’s origin and English and it’s was very popular for boys in England and the Caribeean until the girls took it over in the 80′s. I think mostly North American girls(Canada and the USA)

  73. Hahaha. Go to hell??? Wow what an attack. I don’t pay much attention to trolls like you. Why exactly does Demetri suck? Even though you’re a troll/shill, you should understand that libertarians are fighting for you as well. I understand that it’s difficult for you to understand that as you are PAID by them, it’s something to think about.

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  75. rubbish on both counts: president Assad is no dictator and has the support of his people; and the FSA terrorists cry allah akbar pray likes allahs after them, and yet care nothing for basic morality other than putting women under hijab while they rape with impunity

  76. Otto, all that you have shared here is so real and honest and beautiful. I love how you have come to simply accept things and yourself as you are, without perfection – it is felt.Thank you for your amazingly ordinary tale….

  77. Spoken like a child. Government didn't completely fuck up spending other people's money, so you're all for government spend all of other people's money. Idiot.It is unrealistic to hold government to a standard private eneterprise could not meet on its own.Private industry doesn't take money people by force. When private industry they invest their own money and not others that was taken by force. That government shouldn't be held to a higher standard only shows your moral decay.

  78. I remember reading somewhere that oil was involved in the Sudan conflict and that some (all?) of the victims were Christians. I do care more about Sudan than Afganistan to be honest and that theater is well suited for our air force. But it would be unilateral since nato/eu just scratches their buts these days. The UN just sucks on human rights too.szpork

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  87. Martha,I am new to following you, but love the last several posts you have done.Whatever is going on there, you are in my prayers and I hope that things go better for you.Blessings- Tete

  88. nobody wants to play with Kobe anymore. They respect him… But all say the same thing… “Kobe isn’t fun to play with. He never was. But before he would pound the ball and get double teamed and would get his teammates shots. Now he doesn’t get his teammates shots so there is no reason to go to LA.”

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  90. All right, I admit it. . .I'm obsessive about names. My ears are always open. I'm listening in grocery store line-ups, at the post office, my kids school, the t.v., magazines. . .everywhere and anywhere, always on the look-out for names. Heck, I even read street signs, and think. . .ooh, that would be a cool name.And I must be a closet organizer too. I have spread sheets with the names I use in each book. Otherwise, I can't keep them all straight.But, just think, Kari. Maybe someday you'll have an assistant to keep it all straight for you. Wouldn't that be great? (:

  91. Linda Christopher must be removed as a Family court Judge in the ninth district in Rockland County. She is destroying families with her twisted anti male logic. Please someone sit in on her courtroom and listen for yourself.

  92. I hate winter and snow so much that I moved to the one part of Canada where we only really get about a week of it. Hell, I’m not even above the 49th anymore!

  93. Thank you for the warning that came with the recipe! I think that this one will take planning ahead – perhaps the morning after we've cooked sweet potatoes for dinner. They sound scrumptious!

  94. Brent.. when I left my previous comment, the word verifcacation didn't show up, so I was unable to proceed with the comment… so I just went ahead and published the comment, and the second time it popped up, the word verification showed, so that I could proceed… Thought I'd mention this in case other commenters found the same problem and couldn't leave comments or share prayer support in the first place. In this second comment, the word verification showed up fine, so it must have been a glitch for first time, I don't know if others have experienced this too.

  95. I like your viewpoints on this subject. It seems as though you have crawled into my head and written my thoughts. I know I couldn’t express my thoughts this well. You are right on point.

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  109. Any local CrossFiters wanna make the trip up to Mike Minium’s CrossFit Oakland this Saturday with Nicole and I to do the tribute workout, “OPD”, in Honor of the 4 fallen Oakland Police Officers?

  110. Thanks Anuschka for sharing. I pray God will continue to sustain you as you are out of work. What great faith you have to remember to call on Him in your moments of weakness. Be strengthened and don’t forget that He who began a good work in you will perfect it! Blessings!Carol recently posted..

  111. Islam is a dangerous religion, she maybe doesn’t have bad intentions but she’s carrying out an ideology that’s threatening world peace. Her charity is something to respect not her ideology (Islam).

  112. that he guns acted differently. I’m somehow guessing that by “acted differently” you don’t mean that traveled very slightly differently because of the change in speed of sound, which would be the only change.

  113. Sempre venho aqui, adoro seu blog.Me interessei com esse papo, pois tenho problemas enormes com meus sogros. Alias emendando com a isabela, alguem ja viu sogra amar nora de verdade e sinceramente? eu nunca vi. Mas ja vi varias sogras que amam o genro, dao carinho verdadeiro, de mae. Familia mesmo do nosso sangue as vezes só é bom em fotografia.

  114. I have not physically met a favorite author, but I do talk to two authors on a regular basis online, which is pretty much the same thing, right? I’m sure that if I do meet them, I’ll stop and gawk (even though we’ve been talking for years).

  115. , you have precious time back with your little girl that is free from all the worry and anxiety that you were dealing with. You made the right decision for both you and her and you are right when you say that you guys gave it a good try….more than most would. What lucky little girl she is to have a mommy like you

  116. OK–OK, I thought this article was about nature vs. nurture–not my accomplishments.I must have misread it or misunderstood it. So sorry that I have caused such angst! I’m not unhappy or unfulfilled, etc., but I appreciate your concern & good wishes!I am especially happy right now as I got a phone call & my sister-in-law’s latest scans still show she is cancer-free. It will be one year since the discovery of seriously advanced lung cancer. It is remarkable she is doing so well & I am elated by the news!I don’t have any fancy yoga terms, but have a great day…

  117. Denise,so happy to hear your home and family are ok….really am. Happy to lend a hand if/when needed…any time. Will be in Staten Island over the weekend seeing what is needed there… See you on the 8th & 9th!! btw, have a photo reception, 29 framed prints on Dec 7th if you care to come… 3 of the prints are from the sunflower shoot!! I know you will be probably be busy with the seminar, but you are so welcomed if you can!!

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  120. This is awful news, Bev. You are such an amazing artist. Whoever has done this has no class and deserves everything coming to them. You go girl! And, I say name and shame!!! Make 'em pay!

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  126. Reply to Jillien (message #9):Dear Ms. Jillien,Thank you for using my post as an example for your class. I have never read Silverwing, so maybe that should be my next book to read.Sincerely,Kaito

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  583. disse:oi lina! e, no brasil, todas se perguntam: por que a H&M não vem para cá? é, com tantas parcerias bacanas (e o preço convidativo!), ela virou objeto de desejo fashion! é impossível não entrar e garimpar uma peça p/levar na mala… bjs, querida!

  584. Io sono felicissima per Avril! Penso che insieme siano una coppia perfetta! Non so però se sarebbe opportuno sposarsi subito, per adesso li vorrei solo ”fidanzati”. A proposito, quando esce il cd di Avril in Italia?

  585. Anonimo da 11:48Não duvido que a merda do Mário Crespo te cheire a perfume. Também concordo que aquilo que eu escrevo não tenha valor nenhum, mas pelo menos não ando a soldo ou às ordens de ninguém. Penso, bem ou mal pela minha cabeça, coisa que tu pelos vistos te é impossível.

  586. nov19 non ho capito mica che stai a di’. comunque, io sono un comandante, e l’unica cosa che posso dirti dall’alto della mia esperienza è che il detto “è meglio comandare che fottere” non è vero. deve averlo inventato uno che non ha mai comandato, o che non ha mai…

  587. Wonder, sono stata molto felice di essermi presentata e di averti fatto di persona i meritati complimenti per tutto il tuo operato 🙂 Sarebbe stato carino conoscere anche la piccola Porpi…però ti capisco, anche i papà a volte devono fare la giusta fatica 😉

  588. Michel zegt:Fantastisch design. Bij ons hangt hij ook super. Echter heel praktisch is hij helaas toch niet. Het kraantje is waardeloos. Duurt zeker 5 minuten voordat je de gieter gevuld hebt met water uit het reservoir. Elho meerdere malen gemaild en gebeld maar die geven na wat standaard reacties zonder oplossing ook geen reactie meer. Jammer! Ik was er zo enthousiast over. Misschien dat de zwager van Carloline de zaak nog eens een zwengel kan geven daar bij Elho

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